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Our goal at D.A.P. is to offer top quality parts at the best possible prices. In a word, we sell value. You may occasionally find a similar part at a lower price. Chances are it hasn't been tested for durability and integrity. A cheap part that fails early is less than a bargain, and certainly not a value. By the same token, an expensive part, boxed in a pretty green & white package, is no value when an identical part of the same quality can be had for less.

The majority of our inventory is from Original Equipment Manufacturers. These are the same companies that make the parts for Land Rover. By buying direct from the manufacturer we avoid paying the higher prices that the "Land Rover brand" demands.
In some cases we have found an after-market item whose quality and integrity actually surpasses the original.
We want your business and we try very hard to supply you with the best products available.

We are able to keep our overhead low. We don't stuff your mailbox with redundant brochures every few weeks. Our buying power and low overhead allows us to pass along the savings and the value to you.

We have been involved with Land Rover vehicles for 40 years. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and can assist with technical problems and help guide you through diagnosis.

We have a full line Service Department that can handle anything from an oil change to a frame swap. We feel that your Rover couldn't have a better friend than D.A.P. Enterprises.

We at D.A.P. are dedicated to keeping your Rover running and we want you as a customer. Give us a call.


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