HawkEye Diagnostics for Land Rover

HawkEye Total Diagnostic Tool
for Land Rover Vehicles

The biggest development in Land Rover ownership!

Whether you are a serious Land Rover collector or simply someone who doesn't want to be a slave to the dealers and their huge fees for simple diagnostics, the HawkEye empowers you to see deep into the brain of your Land Rover. Is that 'check engine' lamp a serious problem or just a simple problem that can be put off until later? Do you pull over and call roadside assistance or keep driving until you get to safety? Is the mechanic suggesting new oxygen sensors just trying to sell you something you don't need or are they really faulty?
The HawkEye is here. Designed for use with all North American market Land Rovers from 1990 to present, the HawkEye goes far beyond just a limited OBD scanner. What sets this unit apart is it's the first and only hand-held scanner that understands the proprietary Land Rover systems including Engine Management, Air Suspension, Body Control Module and Antilock Brakes to name a few.
The electronic equivalent of a spare tyre, the HawkEye should accompany any modern Land Rover. Aside from itís ability to reset errors and return the vehicle to operating condition in the event of a fault, you can use the keypad to activate and test circuits to find faults on your own.

Ready to use out of the box * No batteries required * Unlocked for ALL Land Rover vehicles
Comes with handy carry pouch * Simple to use * Identifies faults quickly and accurately
Fits in glove compartment or cubby box * No laptop required *

The HawkEye Total interfaces with the following
NAS Land Rover Models:

Discovery 1994-1995*
Discovery 1996-1998*
Discovery II 1999-2004
LR3 2005-2009*
LR4 2010 & up*
Defender 1994-95*
Defender 1997
Freelander 2002-2005*
LR2 2006 & up*
Range Rover Classic 1990-95*
Range Rover 4.0/4.6 1995-2002*
Range Rover L322 4.4 2003 & up*
Range Rover Sport 2005 & up*
Evoque 2012 & up*

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D.A.P. is an Authorized HawkEye Distributor offering full support & upgrades.

*Additional interface cables are required for the following NAS Land Rover Models:

Discovery 94-95 EMS - BA5084- $119.95
Discovery 96-99 Security System - BA5076 - $99.95
Discovery 96-99 SRS Airbag - BA5077- $99.95
Discovery II 99-04 - no cable required
Defender 94-95 EMS - BA5084- $119.95
Freelander ABS only - BA5077- $99.95
LR2 Body Controller, HVAC - BA5080- $99.95
LR3 Body Controller, HVAC - BA5080- $99.95
LR4† HVAC - BA5080- $99.95
Range Rover Classic 90-95 EMS - BA5084- $119.95
Range Rover P38 Air Suspension - BA5074- $99.95
Range Rover P38 SRS Airbag - BA5077- $99.95
Range Rover L322 4.4 See Chart - BA5078- $99.95
Range Rover L322 4.4 See Chart - BA5080- $99.95
RR Sport Body Controller, HVAC - BA5080- $99.95
RR Evoque Body Controller, HVAC - BA5080- $99.95

For application and function list click on a model name above.


HawkEye Classic Version 6.0 or previous owners contact us for upgrade information

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